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Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Tapioca Product

Safe food product is the primary goal of Barry Farm Foods and we are dedicated to providing the safest product possible.  Unlike most conventional canneries, we use 100% visual inspection on all our produce and our products to assure ourselves and our customers that all Barry Farm food products are the best quality available.

Barry Farm canned products are made at the peak of freshness in small batches at our licensed micro-cannery.  We use old farm recipes and bring to you the taste of Grandma's Kitchen in every jar we produce.  Our jams, jelly, syrups, and other natural products are made without preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavorings.  We make them just like Grandma used to make hers.  And, the only ingredient not listed on the label is flavor.  We put lots of that in the jar.

We have chosen to add to our own food products a unique selection of other products that can supply you with a complete line of quality food at reasonable prices.  We've searched high and low to find the best and most unique products available.  We have selected a wide range of foods for those with dietary problems.  You will find gluten-free food, dairy-free food, Vegan, sugar-free foods,  salt-free, and wheat-free food products throughout our online catalog.  We have tried to mark all specialty products with their characteristics.

One of our goals is to provide our customers with special products that are hard or impossible to find locally and may be required for that special diets that has been imposed due to health problems.  We are constantly adding items to our listings as people write or call and inform us of the need.  If you are in need of a special item, feel free to let us know, Linda loves shopping for hard to find items.

The handling of the dry goods that we package may not be done in an allergen free facility, but every effort is made to prevent cross contamination from one product to another.  All of our packaging is performed by hand and never on mechanized filler lines where bagging machines can have residue left in the system.  The packaging area is cleaned in between each product and all utensils are changed.

You can be assured that every item in our online catalog has been selected to give you quality and value.

Food processing at Barry Farm Foods is licensed and inspected by the State of Ohio and registered and inspected by the FDA for compliance to all State and Federal guidelines.

Need Tapioca please call: 62 085811949778

Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

Solusi mengatasi Sakit saat berhubungan intim

bagaimana berhubungan intim- Solusi mengatasi Sakit saat berhubungan intim - dok. saya wanita berumur 26 th. serta baru menikah 2 minggu lantas. saya pingin ajukan pertanyaan, kenapa pada waktu saya serta suami pingin lakukan jalinan seks, saya rasakan takut dikarenakan saya beranggapan pada waktu terkait seks pertama kali dapat merasa sakit di bagian vagina. hingga saat ini saya serta suami belum juga sukses. kami telah mencobanya namun sesudah itu vagina merasa nyeri serta sakit. pada waktu suami saya coba mendorong ke didalam, terasa sakit hingga suami saya menentukan untuk tidak meneruskan. bagaimana dok langkah menyingkirkan rasa takut saya itu, serta bagaimana tricknya supaya pada waktu terkait seks saya tidak rasakan sakit pada vagina ?
jawab :
untuk menyingkirkan rasa takut anda, tak ada jalur lain tak hanya mengontrol diri anda sendiri. percayalah bahwa jalinan seksual tidak mesti menyebabkan rasa sakit. apabila wanita cukup terangsang serta tanpa kendala psikis apa pun, maka jalinan seksual tidak menyebabkan rasa sakit. anda sendiri yang rasakan apakah anda cukup terangsang atau tidak.
seandainya anda jadi cukup terangsang, coba kerjakan jalinan seksual dengan posisi anda diatas. tujuannya supaya anda yang mengatur gerakan jalinan seksual cocok dengan yang anda rasakan nyaman. namun pasti suami mesti tahu kondisi anda serta setuju tentang posisi anda diatas. saya meyakini suami dapat setuju dikarenakan ini menyangkut kehidupan seksual berbarengan.


Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

What Is Tapioca

What Is Tapioca You may be most familiar with as tapioca, edible smooth, ball-shaped pieces that come in tapioca pudding or sometimes in "bubble tea" drinks. But what is this strange food item, and where it comes from? Are there any trees that grow tapioca tapioca small pieces instead of fruits like apples or oranges?
Believe it or not, but the tapioca starch is derived from the roots of other plants are known by most people as "cassava"! Although tapioca is so often regarded as the "pearl" in the tea or pudding, it also has other functions. For example, many people use the tapioca is made from cassava in the form of flakes or powder to help with food thickening! Tapioca good for this job because it can hold up over a long cooking time (like making soup) and has almost no sense of its own, so it does not drastically change the flavor of the dishes being added to.
To make the tapioca from cassava roots are processed using a special method which makes it safe to eat, and then transformed into the desired form of tapioca, such as flakes, powder, or a pearl!

Tapoodles Is Mango Tapioca Noodles

Mango "Tapoodles" Tapioca Noodles Tapoodles are the next generation of texture added to your bubble tea drinks and desserts. Tapoodles look like a thicker noodle and have the same chewy texture of a gummy bear. Our original tapoodle has a great caramel flavor just like our black tapioca. The mango and strawberry have a light fruity taste that adds more flavor to your drink experience. Everyone loves tapoodles because now you can drink, eat and be entertained while watching the tapoodles swim in your bubble tea drink.

What is Bubble Tea

If you visit Taiwan or Hong Kong you can not help but see the unique bubble teashops on every corner. Bubble Tea to Taiwan is what coffee or soda is to the U.S. One would think bubble tea is the national drink by its popularity.
Just like in Taiwan, bubble tea shops are popping up all over the world. One company based in Taiwan has more than 450 locations in the Philippines while others have more than 100 within 1.5 years.
The United States also now feeling the growth. Hundreds of locations serve Bubble Tea in California alone. You may be wondering, "What is Bubble Tea and how it all started"?

What is tapioca

what is tapioca Tapioca is produced from the starch of the cassava plant.  Officially known as Tapioca starch, it differs from Cassava flour in that the Cassava flour is ground from the root itself.  

Tapioca flour plays an obvious roll in thickening products like pudding, starches and gravy.  It plays a more subtle role in baked products like muffins, biscuits, and other baked goods.
Tapioca flour is very bland and clean in flavor and does not mask other flavors used.
Cooked, it forms a clear gel with long, slightly stringy texture.  Upon cooling it sets in a soft gel.
Tapioca flour loses most of its thickening properties with long cooking or in high acidic conditions.
It is the preferred thickener for delicate foods and desserts.  It produces a high gloss.
Gluten free, it can be used by those who are gluten intolerant.

Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Produksi Tepung Tapioka

Buah-buahan dan jamur tumbuh di Indonesia. Produksi tanaman pangan, khususnya beras sebagai makanan pokok dan jamur sudah cukup. Demikian pula, peningkatan populasi, permintaan untuk buah-buahan dan umbi-umbian sebagai industri terus berkembang. Tanaman dengan kadar karbohidrat tinggi buah-buahan dan jamur yang sering resisten terhadap suhu tinggi. Jagung dan jamur, sering disajikan dalam New, atau direbus dengan kemarahan, hal ini tergantung pada selera.

Diversifikasi usaha dalam upaya untuk mengatasi masalah ketergantungan makanan pokok adalah daging saja. Untuk proses buah dan tanaman akar dalam angka-angka yang terus arti dasar yang khas dan tahan lama. Diolah dalam bentuk tepung, ubi kayu, fermentasi, dan keripik. Ini kemajuan, dengan pemerintah, terutama di alamat kebutuhan pangan, terutama non-beras. Ubi kayu atau singkong merupakan sumber makanan karbohidrat (sumber energi)

Ubi kayu dalam keadaan segar tidak tahan lama. Untuk pemasaran yang memerlukan waktu lama, ubi kayu harus diolah dulu menjadi bentuk lain yang lebih awet, seperti gaplek, tapioka (tepung singkong), tapai, peuyeum, keripik singkong dan lain-lain.

Tepung tapioka yang dibuat dari ubi kayu mempunyai banyak kegunaan, antara lain sebagai bahan pembantu dalam berbagai industri. Dibandingkan dengan
tepung jagung, kentang, dan gandum atau terigu, komposisi zat gizi tepung tapioka cukup baik sehingga mengurangi kerusakan tenun, juga digunakan sebagai bahan bantu pewarna putih.

Tapioka yang diolah menjadi sirup glukosa dan destrin sangat diperlukan oleh berbagai industri, antara lain industri kembang gula, penggalengan buah-buahan, pengolahan es krim, minuman dan industri peragian. Tapioka juga banyak digunakan sebagai bahan pengental, bahan pengisi dan bahan pengikat dalam industri makanan, seperti dalam pembuatan puding, sop, makanan bayi, es krim, pengolahan sosis daging, industri farmasi, dan lain-lain.

Ampas tapioka banyak dipakai sebagai campuran makanan ternak. Pada umumnya masyarakat kita mengenal dua jenis tapioka, yaitu tapioka kasar dan tapioka halus. Tapioka kasar masih mengandung gumpalan dan butiran ubi kayu yang masih kasar, sedangkan tapioka halus merupakan hasil pengolahan lebih lanjut dan tidak mengandung gumpalan lagi.

Kualitas tapioka sangat ditentukan oleh beberapa faktor, yaitu :

1. Warna Tepung; tepung tapioka yang baik berwarna putih.
2. Kandungan Air; tepung harus dijemur sampai kering benar sehingga kandungan airnya rendah.
3. Banyaknya serat dan kotoran; usahakan agar banyaknya serat dan kayu yang digunakan harus yang umurnya kurang dari 1 tahun karena serat dan zat kayunya masih sedikit dan zat patinya masih banyak.
4. Tingkat kekentalan; usahakan daya rekat tapioka tetap tinggi. Untuk ini hindari penggunaan air yang berlebih dalam proses produksi.